GT SPORT - McLaren Ultimate Vision GT REVIEW

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Episode twenty six of "Visions of Tomorrow", a series wherein I will be reviewing the various concept cars from the manufacturers involved in the Vision Gran Turismo programme. This episode features the brand new McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo, a car with striking looks, strong specs, and quite a bit to live up to... __________ Specs : Class : Group X Drivetrain : MR-Hybrid Motor : 4.0 litre Power : 1134 bhp Torque : 628 lb/ft Weight : 900 kgs P/W ratio : 1260 bhp/tonne Price : 1,000, Detailed interior : Yes Good stuff : Stunning design with extreme cornering speed capabilities Not so good : Lack of tuning options severely neuters its potential __________ HSG merch : Vine : Hammer Studios Gaming Personal FB : mike.hamer.311 Official FB : Twitter : @CORRUPTED_DISC IG : Hammer_Studios_Gaming FightMe App : Hammer Studios Gaming Google+ : Hammer Studios Gaming PSN : CORRUPTED_DISC XBL : CORRUPTED DISC GTPlanet : CORRUPTEDDISC